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Decarbonisation of Danube Delta Multidisciplinary Initiative originated in the collaborative work of several partners from various categories: Research and Technology Organisations, academia, SME, professional NGOs, administration, all following the mission of Decarbonisation of Danube Delta from the perspective of a region with several places (inland waters, cities, villages, isolated communities)

The working core group proposes a pilot bottom-up approach with local based solutions towards the decarbonisation of the selected area, in order to support the European Green Deal.

This systematic multidisciplinary initiative proposes a complete innovation management process (supported by innovation agencies and companies in the group) in order to bring the region to the decarbonisation goal. The group is working on developing an integrated decarbonisation strategy and an action plan that can be implemented trough international funding (such as Horizon Europe). In this scope, there will be projects on all levels, from Research, to Innovations, Scaling Up actions, towards Business and Industry, targeting as an important milestone Social Innovation with Job Creation. 

Strategic Pillars of the 3D Initiative


Sustainable Mobility in DDBR

Environmental Impact

Adaptation to environmental policies


Energy in DDBR

Climate Mitigation & Adaptation

Climate mitigation & adaptation in DDBR

Circular Economy

Strategy and tactics for promoting the circular economy in the DDBR

Strategic Projects


Ecological resizing through urban and rural actions & dialogues for GHG mitigation in the Lower Danube Floodplains & Danube Delta (EDAPHIC-BLOOM DANUBE), aims to boost capacities for GHG mitigation in the target region, through organic soils conservation/restoration and enhancing energy efficiency in the built environment sector.

"Revising the Management Plan and the D.D.B.R Regulation"

„Revizuirea planului de management și a regulamentului RBDD”, code SMIS 2014+ 123322, financed through Programul Operațional Infrastructură Mare 2014 -2020, Axa Prioritară 4 – Protecția mediului prin măsuri de conservare a biodiversității, monitorizarea calității aerului și decontaminare a siturilor poluate istoric, Objective 4.1 Creșterea gradului de protecție și conservare a biodiversității și refacerea ecosistemelor degradate.

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